Woman miraculously gets dream house after Major1 prayer


Pretoria – A woman who started following Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s ministries (Enlightened Christian Gathering) came forth to give a testimony on how God of Major1 blessed her with a house.

She started following the ministry in 2012 but eventually things started changing in her life in 2017.

During the year 2017, the lady visited the ECG church as an international visitor. As usual, she met the Prophet on the prayer line and laid her prayer request.
When the Prophet asked her what she wants, she told him that she needed a house.
From her testimony, Major 1 prayed for her and said it is done. The woman went back home with a gift of anointing materials believing God for a miracle.
The woman started building a house two weeks after she attended the international visitors program. Within three weeks the wall and concrete were done.
She further explained that she had to pause the building project in order for the house to be dry as she gathered more money for the roof.
“I believed that God of Major1 will perform a miracle for me. After that third week, I finished roofing and I was only left with some interiors “, she said
The woman said in October last year, she continued to build the walls and everything was finished by December. She glorified God of Major1 in front of thousands of people, including those who connected live on prophetic Chanel.
Today the woman came back as an international visitor . Not only is she here to give a testimony, but she believes God is going to do even more greater things for her.
“God of Major1 is the God of miracles, signs and wonders “, she concluded.


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