Thousands celebrate Major1 birthday by giving to the needy


Pretoria – Followers of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri today heed his calls to celebrate his birthday by giving away “something they treasured” to the needy.

In South Africa, on Twitter and Facebook alone, at least 200,000 people posted about giving away a prized possession to less fortunate members of society.

Followers of Prophet Bushiri spent the day with homeless people whom they fed and gave clothing, to celebrate their leader’s birthday

Followers from Kenya, China, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, UK and all the way to the USA, have been colouring their social media timelines with pictures and videos doing charity work in honour of the charismatic preacher’s birthday.

A collage shows followers engaging in various charitable events.

Yesterday, the Prophet urged his followers to not reserve any gifts of special messages for him on his big day, but to rather donate a valuable belonging to another person.

The Prophets communication team has released a message thanking all that are doing the good work, saying the move is tantamount to living Major1’s principle of giving.

Other followers took it a step further by donating to large numbers of less fortunate people

Major1 contributes millions of dollars yearly to charity.