Testimony: “Prophet Bushiri moved me from sickness and joblessness in Malawi to living great in USA.”

Nine years ago, Kettie Mtawali was ill, jobless and without any qualification in Malawi. Today, she is in great health, a graduate and in a descent job in USA. How did meeting Prophet Bushiri transform her life?

  1. My Name is Kettie Melissa Mtawali born and raised in Malawi. I stay in the USA, working with Manchester Community College in Manchester, Connecticut, USA Admissions office.


  1. I am a 2020 Early Childhood (Child Psychology) graduate at Manchester Community College.


  1. My journey with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri started in eight years ago in 2012. I met him in Blantyre, Malawi, where he came to minister.


  1. I was sick then, been to several hospitals without help. I wasn’t in school, I was tired of life and I really wanted deliverance.


  1. I met the prophet of God that night in Blantyre and I felt a move of change in my body. He entered the hall and, luckily, I was the first person to be located in the spirit and I was delivered.

  1. The Prophet spoke a word into my life, saying: “My daughter, go and make it. I release you.” I took that word, dearly, and run with it.



  1. My dear ECG family, indeed, God makes all things beautiful in his time and in 2017 He decided to give me a new song.



  1. I walked into the United States embassy in Lilongwe, Malawi, seeking a student visa. To my surprise, they only asked me one question: “Which State are you going?” When I mentioned, I was told to leave my passport and come collect it the next day.


  1. Even though I was granted the visa, my worry was the duration. To my surprise, I was granted three times the years I was supposed to study in the US.


  1. Today, here I am a graduate. I am a founder of Blessed Givers Children Program, a charity organisation taking care of 16 orphans in Malawi. We are also reaching out to the less privileged in Accra, Ghana.

  1. However, despite being a graduate, I could not get a job because I had to have a social security number. The Prophet came to Washington in 2018 and I was one of the International Visitors.


After his prayer, I got an email from the Dean of Students, detailing two things: One, that he wanted to write me a letter to the social security office to get my social security number; and two, that he was also giving me a Job in the Admissions Office at the College. Usually a social security number takes two weeks, but I got mine in 4 days and, immediately, I started working at the Admissions Office after a week.


  1. My spiritual father once told me: “You have been called and set apart to be a beacon of hope. Your purpose is to be a solution.”


  1. To my spiritual father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, I thank you for your life changing prayers; I will always make you proud!

  1. To the ECG family, it takes a lot to sit under the same anointing for 8 years but as you put your heart to it the Lord shall remember you in due season!