Prophet Bushiri continues to impact millions across the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and, also, touching the lives of the less fortunate with humanitarian work. But media, doesn’t want YOU to know about God’s work through him.


But I will tell you:


  1. In three years, Prophet Bushiri has built a giant ministry that, today, has churches in over 27 countries across the world, boasting about 180 branches and touching the spiritual lives of over 3 million people—HAS MEDIA TOLD YOU THAT? NO.


  1. In South Africa alone, Prophet Bushiri’s ministry contributes tremendously to the country’s economy through religious tourism because every month, about 10 000 people fly in to meet and pray with Prophet at Pretoria Showgrounds. The transport sector—from planes, trains to local taxis, and then hotels and lodges all benefit immensely from Prophet Bushiri—DOES MEDIA REPORT THIS NEWS? NO!


  1. In 2017, Prophet Bushiri adopted 4 orphan care centers in Gauteng Province and one Centre for Homeless and Displaced People in North-West Province. He supports them with food, groceries, clothing, furniture and financial top-ups on their every emerging needs—HAS MEDIA FIND THIS NEWS? NOOOOOOO!


  1. In 2017, Prophet Bushiri preached Jesus to thousands in a forgotten country of Nicaragua in Central America and donated relief food to millions that were going hungry in the country—DID MEDIA EVEN FIND THIS NEWS? NOT AT ALL!

  1. In 2018, Prophet Bushiri held the world’s most successful Global Evangelism Tour with a goal of winning 2 million souls for Jesus Christ. He preached Jesus in South Korea, India, Dubai, Kenya, USA, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, South Sudan, Uganda and several provinces of South Africa. In the end, about 2.7 million people gave their lives to Jesus Christ—DID MEDIA EVEN TRY TO MAKE THIS NEWS? YOU KNOW BETTER. 

  1. In August 2018, in honour of Nelson Mandela’s love for education, Prophet Bushiri adopted Kloofwaters Primary School in North West Province, painted the entire school, supported 173 pupils with new school kits, refurbished the ablutions, brought water bowsers and renovated their vegetable garden. He still supports the school till now—HAS MEDIA FOUND THIS TO BE NEWS? NOT EVEN

  1. During Mandela Day celebration this year, Prophet Bushiri supported Itereleng Clinic in Soweto with medical facilities amounting to R250 000. Mandela’s eldest granddaughter saluted Prophet Bushiri as the greatest humanitarian in the shoes of Madiba—THE MEDIA, AGAIN, FOUND THIS BAD FOR THE NEWS! THEY NEVER REPORTED IT EVEN WHEN THEY CAME TO THE EVENT.


  1. This year, a local hospital in East London has been struggling with beds, mattresses and food, especially its children’s ward. Prophet Bushiri helped the hospital with cash amounting to R300 000 to have the facility purchase the said items—THIS WAS BAD FOR NEWS. THEY DIDN’T CARRY IT.


  1. In April this year, Prophet Bushiri visited people whose houses and properties were damaged by fire in Alexandria. He supported them with various amenities amounting to R400 000.—MEDIA DIDN’T FIND THIS NEWS. DID IT?

  1. Just a week ago, Prophet Bushiri was in Durban visiting the elderly and supporting them with several amenities to improve their well-being.—DID MEDIA WRITE IT? NOOOOOO


The list of Prophet Bushiri’s impact on humanity is endless. But the media doesn’t want you to know about this. To them, when Prophet Bushiri buys a present for his CHILDREN, it is news. When he buys a private jet to use for ministry work, It is news. When he gets arrested for ridiculous allegations, It is news. When an accident happens at his church, It is news, when fraudsters fail to steal from him, It is news—and all that.



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