SA Police exposes Star Newspaper’s False Reporting Against Prophet Bushiri

In what could be described as sharp stab on Star Newspaper’s lie that 96 officers were deployed to protect Prophet Bushiri and ECG, SAPS says every event organiser is treated the same.


The Tshwane metro police department (TMPD) has exposed The Star newspaper’s false reporting against Prophet Bushiri and the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

In its Wednesday edition, The Star newspaper carried a false article, accusing SAPS and TMPD of deploying 96 officers to protect Prophet Bushiri and the ECG Church.

Just as lies have short legs, in an interview with TimesLIVE, community safety MMC Karen Meyer for Tshwane said, “TMPD deployment at events is governed by legislation and policies. This deployment includes security services at large gatherings such as soccer and rugby matches at stadiums in Tshwane.”

He added that SAPS has its own procedures for determining the need for deployment, and TMPD plays an auxiliary role as and when needed. Every event organiser is treated the same.”

Meyer’s position concurs with Gauteng Police spokesperson Cpt Kay Makhubele that police officers were deployed to ECG, but said this was standard operational deployment as the church had applied for security through the proper channels.

ECG spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo says the church is happy that the police has come out to explain to the South Africa public after ‘that shameless act of lies peddled by The Star Newspaper.’

“There is absolutely nothing, in the story by the Star newspaper, proximate to any established or verified fact of the matter. In fact, the story is a careful piece of creation, maliciously designed to pitch ECG leader Prophet Bushiri against the South African public,” he said.

He added that when SAPS and TMPD deploys officers to ECG events, they do so to enforce law and order just as they do at any event.

“For the record, SAPS and TMPD have never provided any isolated, systematic and targeted security to Prophet Bushiri. Just as anybody who comes to ECG church events at Tshwane Events Centre, he only enjoys generic state security services as a citizen. But on a personal level, he hires his own private security,” he said.



  1. Their is God in Heaven and His Name is Yaweh, the Devil will Burn every day, shoot arrows as me as I am ECG, I am the body of Christ, we are allowed to get Policing at our Gatherings just as you can give police protection at Big Gigs for other thing. I am part of ECG and I am part of the body of Christ, so just as my hard earn money is taken for taxes means as an individual I am allowed to be protected by the Sapfs, My Father Major 1, is a Brand, just suck it up and make peace with it,because those that is trying to name and shame him, he is coming for your business, but one that is build on Jesus , he will take over your industry, dont temp a Lion, he will roar. We are the Body of Chirst. I AM ECG, IF YOU QUEEZE US WE WILL DRIP WITH 100 AUTHENTICITY , WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST. EVEN JUDAS WHO WAS WITH JESUS, TURN HIS BACK ON THE SAME MEN PERFORM MIRACLES, DONT YOU FEEL LIKE JUDASES, YOU KIDS WILL ONE DAY COME TO THE SAME ECG WHICH IS US TO COME AND SEEK FOR HE GOD OF MAJOR 1, STOP THINKING ABOUT THE NOW, THINK ABOUT WHOM YOU GROWING IN YOUR HOUSES, FOR THE FUTURE.

  2. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a real prophet bearing the voice of The Mighty Jehovah God. Whatever lie labelled again him will never prosper because God use him in a mighty way the same way as Moses or Elijah in the Bible were used.

    Prophet Shepherd Bushiri be blessed forever and ever. May God protect you against all philosophies of wicked people. Amen

  3. Our South African newspapers and media at large are loosing their intergrity everyday by reporting lies about men of God.I feel sorry for this newpapers for giving the public wrong information about Ecg. GOD WILL DO EVERYTHING TO PROTECT HIS OWN. I love prophet Bushiri with all my heart, he is my spiritual father. At least we have our own online news at ecg


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