Prophet Bushiri’s Online Crusades breaks the internet as millions google his great teachings


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri launched Online Crusades in September and since then millions, across the world, have been busy on search engine Google accessing his teachings.

Online crusades are part of Prophet Bushiri’s 2020 Soul Winning Campaigning with focus of preaching the word in languages which people understand.

So far, weekly services in French and Swahili have already been launched and over 35 million people have already been reached across the world.

Besides the services in French and Swahili, the Prophet has also held successful India and Europe Online Crusade and, this Tuesday, the Prophet will be hosting Gauteng Province Online Crusade.

“We are doing targeted services to ensure that not even a single person is left out,” said Ephraim Nyondo, ECG church spokesperson.

With just these services, millions across the globe have been on search engine Google searching for Prophet Bushiri’s teachings. Among the most googled teaching was the one on Deceptions of Lucipher where the Prophet shared ten of them.