Prophet Bushiri gives Pretoria a healthy economic injection.

Pretoria has to date been experiencing a mass influx of people from all 9 provinces and yonder. Between 3000 - 5000 foreign currency carrying International Visitors, flock the country weekly for the International Visitors program which attracts people from as far as Asia, America and Europe.


By Mbali Ngwane

According to a 2016-2018 report from the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, the Global Metro Monitor, Pretoria—home to Prophet Bushiri’s ever growing church—is the fastest growing South African metro compared to Johannesburg and Cape town who’ve instead shown a negative GDP per Capita and slow employment growth.


It’s no coincidence that these positive changes in the economy can, directly or indirectly, be attributed to the arrival of Prophet Bushiri in the city in 2015. Reports show that Pretoria’s GDP was growing at a snail’s pace before his arrival.


After 2015, the Jacaranda city recorded the highest regional growth in employment at 7.6 percent and had a strong Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capital growth.


Tshwane Metro has shown great improvement in its ranking which was previously at a low number of 217 and now a high 35 since the arrival of the Prophet.


Paradoxically, however, stats SA noted a significant decline in the Pretoria GDP by 3.1 percent in the first quarter of the 2019 which they attribute to other things but those who are aware of religious tourism would have noted that ECG had no services the whole of January, meaning a decline in pilgrimage which must have led to a decline in travel, transportation, accommodation, food and beverages etcetera.


This also explains the 3.1 percent rise of the metro’s GDP in the second quarter as services in ECG had resumed and the crowds were even greater than the previous year.


Prophet Bushiri, Malawian born, brought with him to South Africa a novel way of insightful teachings, prophesying, extraordinary miracles, mind blowing healing and deliverance which led to an increase in street vendoring and cash injections in the transport industry, fuel stations, restaurants, hotels, accommodation and many more businesses in the city, not to mention a significant increase in employment which is a GDP booster.


“Without Prophet Bushiri we are nothing, we won’t be able to put food on the table for our families,” said a vendor who sells cold beverages for the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church congregants who begin to assemble from Friday morning for the deliverance service the same day, stewardship meetings on Saturdays, the Sunday service and lastly, the Monday night Diplomatic Service.


Pretoria has to date been experiencing a mass influx of people from all 8 provinces and yonder.


About 10 000 people fly into Pretoria every month for International Visitors Programme—which happens fortnight. This influx brings foreign currencies for it involves people coming in from all the other 5 continents.