Commissioned: Prophet Bushiri winds up Naphtali Conference, sends them to evangelise


ECG Leader Prophet Bushiri winded up the two-day Naphtali International Conference on Friday and commissioned them to go and preach Jesus Christ to nations.

The first ever tribe of Naphtali  International Conference kick-started on Thursday at ECG Pretoria with over 35 branches in attendance from the United Kingdom and America and most African countries like Tanzania and South Sudan.

More branches were expected to flock in later as the 2 day conference ran its course.


The first day took the shape of a seminar where the Naphtalites were given teachings on Missionary work by Apostle Magawa and and Evangelist Christine Bushiri ( the biological mother of Prophet Bushiri) who ignited  the tribe in the passion for soul winning and the resident Pastor, Evangelist Fritz who gave a brief introduction of the tribe.


“I relate to what Evangelist Fritz said about Naphtali being crafty. Without being crafty we would not be able to deal with the different scenarios we come across on the streets,” said Nomsa Mampa from Mamelodi, a Naphtalite who gave a powerful poem about the tribe Naphtali.

The seminar whose purpose is to equip every member of the church in soul winning before they headed for the streets today had some fun in the mix.  The almost 400 souls gathered were treated to poetry by Chikopokopo and drama all related to soul winning which was spiced up by the different scenarios that can be met during outdoor evangelism.


The tribe of Naphtali   is centered on church membership but mostly Evangelism.  They’ve taken it upon themselves to embark on soul winning drives almost every weekend in train stations, hospitals, prisons and the community at large and at times handing out good parcels and clothes to the homelessness.


Prophet Bushiri also graced the event, with his presence as the concluding speaker of the day.


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