Prophet Bushiri tells his enemies: “If you dig a pit for me, you will fall into it yourselves.”


“Last year was a challenging one for myself, my wife and my entire church. Nevertheless, the Lord gave us strength to forge ahead and endure. It is very unfortunate, however, to see that the same people that were declaring my downfall, pioneering campaigns to bring me down and spreading wicked  lies about my wife and I  are now suffering the same fate they wished against me.

“When I said in 75 days a trumpet would blow, this is exactly what I meant. Since the 75 day period elapsed, events have been taking place have seen our enemies falling prey to their own wicked schemes.

“As I am speaking, the pioneers of these reprehensible acts are being taken down one-by-one. Not too long ago, a very well-known man of God took my pictures and publicly burnt them whilst declaring my downfall. He publicly and unapologetically announced that he was the reason behind the roguish and black-hearted occurrences that were taking place in my life.  Only a few days ago, the same things he declared against me, that I would lose my property, freedom and eventually my life, have taken place to him.

“This fulfils the scripture that says, “They dig a deep pit to trap others, then fall into it themselves.”

“God is not yet done, there are five more that are on the way, and even though it makes me unhappy to see these events happening, God is a God who avenges the case of His beloved.

“As you read this, I also declare to you, I declare that whoever is digging a pit for you will fall into it themselves, in Jesus name!”