Prophet Bushiri teaches about ‘Daman’: Congregants shocked with his deep biblical revelation

Daman Anointing is about having the power, as a Christian, to speak to your situations and silencing them than letting them speak to you and control how you think and behave.


ECG leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has, again, proved how a great teacher he is with his sermon about ‘Daman’ leaving congregants dazzled and speechless.

During the Sunday of Anointing Service, Prophet Bushiri started his ‘Daman’ teaching by defining, using biblical references, what the word means.

He preached:

“The word ‘Still’ in Hebrew is translated to “daman” which means “shut up,” “be silent,” or cause something to stop speaking.

“If you look at the sun, it does not speak, neither does it vocalize audibly, however, to Joshua it was talking. As it began setting, that motion of setting was speaking, warning him: “It is getting late.” [Joshua 10:12-13]

However, in continuation, the Prophet narrates that Joshua had the revelation that creation is subject to his rule and he began to speak to the sun and moon and instructed them to be still.

“The moment Joshua spoke, the sun immediately obeyed. It stood still,” he said.

The major prophet, then, related his teaching to how Christians can use it in their everyday lives as part of demonstrating the power of their faith.

“What we are learning is that we all need the Daman Anointing. We all need to have that power of Daman.

“If you take it from the Joshua story you will recognize that God gave us the power to speak a word to our situation and witness everything acting accordingly.

“There are so many problems that are speaking to your life right now. Your rentals are saying ‘handle me’. You marital life is telling you ‘go divorce’. Your credits are saying ‘we repossess your house’. Just so many things.

“You don’t need to listen to these situations. You need the anointing of Daman to speak and silence these situations. You can only begin to find solutions to your life if you don’t allow negative situations to speak to you.”

In greater detail, the Prophet gave an eye-opener to the masses using biblical references that showcased Jesus speaking to storms and silencing them. [Mark 4:35-41] As well as occasions where the dead were brought back to life by a mere word of command- by DAMAN! [Mark 5:41]

The prophet ended the sermon by praying to God to release Daman to His people.


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