Prophet Bushiri edifies: “Not every attack destroys you; some attacks helps you build muscle!”


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has edified his church members, followers and partners against cowing away when attacked; rather, they should engage and take part in the fight.

In an inspiring Wednesday morning Facebook post, Prophet Bushiri enlightened his followers that not every attack that is sent your way that comes to destroy them.

“Some attacks are attached to your destiny and they are meant to help you build muscle, gain strength, and generate courage to go further!” he wrote.

The ECG leader added that there is a reason why the Bible calls you a soldier of Christ.

“Every day is a battle zone for you and as the Bible says, the just shall FIGHT the good fight of faith. When attacks come don’t cower away, engage and take part in the fight,” he said.

The Major 1 noted that even if you get bruised, keep going!

“There are things in life that we will never acquire by anything else other than the scars we gain through experiencing battles. Your scars are proof that you’re a survivor and you can win! Your scars qualify you for a miracle!” he said.

He concluded his message by reminding his followers to be of good cheer for the Lord will give a rare testimony.

“He is going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if someone told you so!” he said.