Onesimus takes the anointing to Kenya


Pretoria – Signed by Major 1 Records, Armstrong Kalua, popularly known as Onesimus has taken the gospel music to another level.

With hits like Ringtone, Tchuku Tchuku, Money miracle and the newly released Messenger, the 30 year old is making waves not only in South Africa and Malawi, but probably all of Africa.

His music is imbued with a fusion of afro pop and RnB, something very rare to find in Gospel music, and Kenyans this weekend will get a chance to enjoy him live.

Onesimus will be visiting Kenya, this weekend, from the 15th to the 17th of February to minister through music to the ECG family in Mombasa together with Pastor Nelson Msowoya.

Major 1, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri announced Onesimus’ visit on his Facebook page on Monday,

“ If you are in Mombasa, Kenya, make sure you are at Mamba Village this weekend. I have sent my son Onesimus Muzik to be there and minister with music from his new album #Messenger. Don’t miss it ”, he wrote.

The Malawian born vocalist is thrilled to be ministering in Kenya. Speaking to this publication earlier this afternoon, he said,

“Going to Kenya is fulfilling my Father’s wishes, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. I am so happy that he sent me there. I shall take with me, his love and anointing. Kenya shall experience what they have never experienced before.”  

The multi-talented singer and songwriter will perform, among other songs, his new album dubbed “Messenger”.

Onesimus Muzik told ECG News that he is thrilled to be heading off to Kenya.