Onesimus announces global tour

The tour begins this weekend in Ndola, Zambia. Then he will proceed to Tanzania, India, Namibia and UK.


Major 1 Records music star Onesimus has announced a global music tour which is part of promoting his newly released album, Messenger.

According a press release seen by ECGNews, the Tchuku Tchuku hit maker will being his tour this week in Ndola, Zambia, from 15th to 17 March.

From the Zambia, he will proceed to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, where he will be from 29th to 31st March. He will then fly to India where he will be from 12 to 14th April. Before going to UK where he will be from 29th April, Onesimus will be in Namibia from 22 to 24 April.

In an interview, Onesimus said he is ready to minister to people through music and he is hoping the God of Major 1 will do wonders like never before.