My father the prophet – Lebogang Mogashoa

A lady who couldnt walk, went home walking on her won with crutches

By the strictest of definitions, a true servant of God is one who preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ unapologetically without compromising and has the passion we can emulate as children of God.

Major1 is my father and this man in particular is the epitome of a great servant of God.

Many may know him as a business man or a preacher but by revelation I boldly know him as my father, my prophet, a man who delivers God’s word with power and passion.

I know him as the man who changed and sharpened my whole outlook on Christianity and made me embark on a great spiritual journey the moment I sat down on my mother’s couch one sunny afternoon back in October 2015.

Some may say it’s an obsession but I beg to differ because I don’t go to church and take heed of his declarations or sit at home, connect to prophetic channel and listen to his sermons and my life remains the same.

  • I never read or understood the Bible the way that I do now.
  • I never attended and enjoyed church the way that I do now.
  • I never sought after God the way that I do now.

There was a spiritual awakening, a shift I can’t even explain, right from the moment he entered my life.

Now in actual fact, if we are talking about ignorance then I would’ve been ignorant not to know who’s genuinely striving to help me reach my prophetic destiny.

It is so easy to love Major1 because he is full of love himself, it exudes through him. He wants to see people laugh and be happy, I see it in the way he makes jokes in church. He is a humble man and very selfless.

He doesn’t do things for his own selfish desires. He always prays and thinks of us as his spiritual children.

He is a father to many, even people across the globe. He is always there to pick us up or lend a hand whenever we face challenges. He always wants to see us make it. He is always charismatic and always makes time for us.

He is not just my prophet but he is my father as well because the same warmth I receive from my father at home, is the same warmth I receive from him.

Just like any father, he can be very stern, but even when he rebukes you, he rebukes you with love. He does not judge you but shows you where and how you should correct your mistakes.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is without a doubt a father of nations and a great father figure to us, his sons and daughters.

Personally my love for him will never end because of the work he puts in everyday just for me to have a great relationship with God.

Kae kapa kae, Major ke ya le yena!