Milestone in ECG Zimbabwe! Launches Facebook Hub to showcase nationwide church activities


ECG Zimbabwe has taken a mile in using social media to promote its church activities with the recent being the launch of a nationwide Facebook Hub.

Launched on Friday night, the Facebook Hub will be used as a platform where all 29 branches in the country will showcase their church activities.

Zimbabwe ECG Acting National Pastor, Pinias Sibanda told ECGNewsonline that the Hub aims to entice Christians the world over to look into one hub representing the whole nation as opposed to individual branch Facebook pages.

“We have over 29 branches and several Cell groups and several exciting activities such as soul winning, charity and outreach mission are taking place. We want all these activities to be showcased under one platform,” he said.

He added that the internet has become the wave of the future and the sole purpose of this Hub is to share information.

“The Hub will also archive the work of God that is being done and often goes unnoticed because of lack of resources for the exorbitant high internet costs that many face,” he explained.

The link to the hub is: