Major One delivers woman addicted to gambling


Pretoria – South African based Prophet and businessman, Shepherd Bushiri on Monday held his first diplomatic service in 2019 since he was released from police custody.

The Malawian born cleric Prophesied to many people during the service.

At one point, he located a lady, and told her that she has a twin, and she came from Durban.

He aptly mentioned that she was suffering from addiction to gambling.

Much to the amusement of many, he went on into the fine details in which he Prophesied that the lady had lost more than R200 000 to gambling.

The poor lady was in tears, confirming all Major 1 was saying. She pleaded with the Prophet to deliver her. That she can’t help but gamble every time.

What astonished many is her confession that she even pawned her wedding ring just to feed her insatiable gambling appetite.

The Prophet then prayed for the lady and Prophesied that she was going to be the talk of the town not long from now. He blessed and delivered her.

Throughout the service, Bushiri prayed for her congregants and blessed them.

The Prophet was on fire on Monday. He went into a prophetic frenzy. Picked more people and prophesied about details they thought were only privy to them.

The Cleric promised that in the next Church service, the unction to function will be there.


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