Major 1 Sends ECG Namibia Youths to Help Family Whose House Got Burnt


Stories of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s giving spirit continue to spread across the world.

The major prophet, two days ago, sent a team of youths from ECG Windhoek in Namibia to reach out to a family which lost everything after their house caught fire and destroyed all their belongings.

The team was led by Apostle Andrew and Brother Hope.

According to Brother Hope, the family lives in the location called Okahandja Park in Katutura in the City of Windhoek.

After we heard about the incident, we got a message, again, from the Prophet to go and visit this family.

“So we took it upon ourselves to reach out as one of the children from the victimized family was part of the Youth Ministries (The Diehards). We managed to assemble and donate several things such as beds, a refrigerator, beddings, kitchen utensils, clothing and groceries,” he said.

Overwhelmed with joy, the father of the house was in all praise to God for Prophet Bushiri’s giving spirit. He was in tears.

Before they left, the team also took time to pray and provide counselling to the family.