In Malawi, more and more pastors speaking out for Prophet Bushiri: “He is a victim of injustice.”


In Zomba, a district in Southern Malawi, representatives of about 100 church denominations have pleaded with Malawi government against any attempt to extradite Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to South Africa fearing he won’t face a fair trial.

Speaking through Bishop Mtuwa, the group’s leader, at a prayer session held at Bluegum Avenue Lodge in Zomba on Thursday, the group noted that Prophet Bushiri faced serious security threats and spates of injustice that militates against every thought of facing a fair and impartial trial in South Africa.

“Because of that, we want government to use every legal instrument in its disposal to ensure that Prophet Bushiri be given a fair trial not in South Africa but elsewhere, if needs be,” he said.

He added that South Africa’s failure to give Prophet Bushiri a trial after three years of waiting is a testimony of persecution not prosecution, hence , he be tried elsewhere.

“We are also calling on South African government to; in the first place, bring to book the police officers whom Prophet Bushiri opened corruption and extortion cases against,” he said.

He underlined that until there is a logical conclusion of those police officer’s cases, the South African government has no legal or moral right to try Prophet Bushiri.

The group has since vowed to continue standing with Prophet Bushiri spiritually and morally because he their colleague in the body of Christ; he is their fellow son of Malawi and, as custodians of human rights, they feel his right to life is paramount hence they will do all what it takes.