From Tembisa to France: How Prophet Bushiri changed Pantsula’s story


The first part of Solly Msola’s story is nothing unusual with most youths in the slums of Tembisa in South Africa.

Msola (R) and part of the crew

A young man, at a tender age of 16, realizes he has a dancing skill but, born and raised in a poor family and even worse in the darker, scary and drug-infested Tembisa, he begins to doubt his potential to excel.

In the usual version of the story, Msola could have given up; sought solace in drugs and crime; and by today, he could have been one of the dangerous drug dealers or, even worse, locked up.

But Msola’s story doesn’t end that way.

Together with friends with skills and stories like his, they started dancing in the streets for a rand.

“We were always dancing on the street; so, one day we met each other competing during the re-opening of Phumulani Mall. After the competition we exchanged contacts and set a day to meet to talk about creating a power dancing crew,” says Msola.


That was in 2009 and, just like that, Pantsula Dancing Crew was born.

“The main issues was that township [Tembisa] was full of crime. We were facing difficult challenges in our families. We decided to form this crew to try our level best to put food on the table for our families. Crime doesn’t pay at all. Our driving cause was to fight against hunger and be good example to our community,” explains Msola.

Yes, they rejected drugs and chose dancing; but putting food on the table, through dancing, was still a hurdle. Incomes from their sporadic booking weren’t showing up. The struggle continued.

“To be honest our status was too bad. Often, we would go to bed without food. It was too bad and painful,” he says.

However, in the drudgery of everything they were going through, they never gave up. Instead, they were always on the internet searching for people and institutions to help nurture and support their dream. And through that, they chanced upon Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

“The moment we found out about Major 1 on YouTube, our hearts shrieked. We were amazed with his Youth Services, how he was supporting youths with talents, how he was praying for them—then the testimonies of how youths were achieving their dreams. We got too addicted to watching him and our wish was to meet him because we believed he would help us achieve our dream,” he said.

And their wish came true on June 13 2018.

“We had, earlier, watched of the Youth Service and a call on youths with talent to perform. We presented ourselves to the church and luckily, we were considered to perform. He watched us and asked us to meet him at his hotel in Rustenburg on June 13 2018,” he says.

The meeting was spectacular.

“He spent almost three hours with us at his prayer mountain where we prayed and, most interestingly, he expressed how much he love us and he swore to support us because God told him we are exceptional,” says Msola.

He adds: “We had dinner with him as his special and I can tell you we had never been honoured in our lives the way we were that day. We were on top of the world.”


Msola explains that there were two things that were spectacular in their meeting with him.

“One he told us our name should now be MAJOR PANTSULA and two, he prophesized that we will travel the world and no longer struggle,” he says.

True to the prophecy, the Major Pantsula became regular performers at ECG and any ECG event and, what is interesting, they are, today, flying the world.

“Since that day, we started getting booking from every corner of South Africa. We have performed and we still perform in almost all key government events,” Says Msola.

But what is phenomenal, continues Msola, is that they have, indeed, gone international.

“We have a 10-year contract with a company Cirque Du Soleil. Through the contract, one of our members has been to Canada and USA and he will remain there for a year, performing.

We were in France and reached the finals at France Got Talent event and it was awesome. We now have so many contracts relating to advertisements, prison shows, and performances across the country. We are very happy and we owe it to Major 1. He breathed life into our careers, he gave us the platform to be exposed and he revealed God’s wish upon us. In fact, he is even buying us a minibus,” he says.

To people who always attack Prophet Bushiri, Msola has a message for them:

“Stay away from Major 1. He is the chosen one from God. No one can change what has been programmed by God,” he says.

He emphasizes that Major Pantsula will always stand with Prophet Bushiri because he is the true prophet of God, humankind’s greatest gift to this generation.