Exclusive: Major 1 explains importance of tomorrow’s Iron Men Conference


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has said it will be unfortunate if, a man out there, misses this years’ Global Iron Men Conference.


The annual conference will be held at Coca Cola Dome starting from 9:00 hours (CAT).


In an exclusive interview with ecgnews.online, Prophet Bushiri said:


“Men are going through a lot these days. Their income generating activities are dwindling when they are supposed to support their families, their companies, their communities—so many things,” he said.


He added: “The challenge is that, with social media world, men live in isolated world with their phone without real friends to talk to. That is why suicide rates are high among men than women.”


Major 1 explained that it is against this that is why Iron Men Conference comes in to create that physical environment where men can see each other and discuss, openly, things affecting them