EXCLUSIVE: Get to know the Tribe of Naphtali


Joshua divided the land of Israel according to the Tribes of Israel. This strategy, is the same one that God gave to the leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, Prophet Bushiri, to use in church.


Stewards are divided in Tribes in which they serve God. One of these tribes, is the Tribe of Naphtali.


According to Genesis 49:21, Naphtali is associated with those who give Godly words. They spread the good news.


ECG News had a chat with Naphtali Tribe Leader, Ms Nkazi Msomi and her assistant Ms Happy, about the tribe, their just ended conference and the Salvation festival.


 ECG News: What are the core duties of the tribe?


Nkazi Msomi: Evangelism and membership.


 ECG News: What do you mean by “membership?


Happy: The tribe is responsible for church member’s data base. Whenever members are requested to fill in forms for being members, the tribe is the one that consolidate the information in order for us to know how many members we have.


ECG News: Is there any form of training for new members?


Nkazi Msomi: Yes there is. We do continuous training every Saturday an hour before Stewardship services.


ECG News: How can other tribes assist?


Nkazi Msomi: By coming with us when we go out for evangelism. The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few. They may also assist by donating Bibles and clothes for street evangelism.


ECG News: What is the purpose of the conference that will be held on the 24th and 25th of October 2019?


Nkazi Msomi: Training and to ignite passion for soul winning, not just for the tribe but the whole church, in line with the vision of our church “Thy Kingdom come,” Taking over the world for Jesus.


Happy: We gonna be taught, the fire within us for soul winning will be ignited. We will be really taught on how to go out there to win souls. We will be given different scenarios we might meet out there and how to handle those. We will be taught on how to handle difficult people. We are going to be empowered and equipped, not just as the Naphtali Members but the whole church.


ECG News: By the “whole church” do you mean that all ECG members are invited to the conference?


Happy: Yes, everybody is invited to the conference but they have to register.


ECG News: Is registration free?


Happy:  There is a registration fee. They should just come to the Tribe’s information desk at the back of the overflow tent every service to get this information.


ECG News:  How can members help to make the conference a success?


Happy: By donating Parachs, Bibles and toiletries. Today, we will be going out to hospitals, prisons. When we go out there we will distribute Parachs, Bibles and toiletries. They can also assist by availing themselves, so that we can paint the town red with the blood of Jesus. We need to tell as many people as possible about Christ.


ECG News: What is the reason for Salvation Festival?


Happy: To celebrate our salvation. To thank God. Major 1 said people celebrate their birthdays but the biggest celebration we need to have, is to celebrate the day we were born again. We celebrate the unique and special birth we have in Christ.


Go and labour for your crown of glory by joining the tribe of Naphtali. Make Jesus more famous!


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