ECG Windhoek Hosts another Successful ‘Kitos Award’ Ceremony.


The 16th October 2019 marked the second successive year for the Kitos Awards Ceremony at ECG Windhoek Branch in Namibia since it was introduced last year by the Tribe of Judah leader, Sister Trudy Tjikongo.

The event was attended by the Tribe of Judah from Windhoek, other Tribe leaders, Resident and Associate Pastors and few invited guests. The event was graced by a special guest, Pastor Tshepo Mngoma, who is also a leader of music at ECG Pretoria, South Africa.


Our reporter speaking to the audience, the ECG Windhoek Youth Director Brother Hope who was awarded as the “Best Leader” explained the aim and purpose of the event.


“The aim and purpose of the nostalgic awards is simply to acknowledge, give credit and appreciate the commitment of the Stewards in the Tribe of Judah. The name being a Finish word meaning, ‘Thank you’ was the most exceptional name for this award ceremony for it was exactly what the event was for.”

He continued to explain that this award ceremony is there to encourage each and everyone in the tribe to strive to do their very best supporting the vision of our spiritual father Major 1 through their worshipping and media when spreading the gospel.”


All the outstanding stewards in different categories were awarded with Trophies, others with an extra token in cash whilst every member of the Tribe received a Certificate of Appreciation for their meritorious service and contribution to the church.



Pastor Tshepo Mngoma also came forth to encourage the Tribe members and in his remarks he pointed out a few things, ” As the Lord said: Judah shall go first ,meaning that the tribe should always be first in what they do, they should always be punctual, and always be committed to being the best.”


Mngoma continued to explain that Judah means praise, praise means to be joyful and that is what this tribe’s true meaning is, Joyfulness. Pastor Tshepo blessed them with a mind-blowing performance as he is a renowned artist himself. “We are looking forward to National Award Ceremony,” urging the branch to take these awards National even International.”