ECG saxophonist, Katlego, opens up on how Major 1 revamped his music career



PRETORIA – Saxophonist Katlego Tshoane , 26,  from the dusty villages in Limpopo, has released his first gospel African jazz album.

The saxophonist includes all praise and worship songs from ‘every knee’ to ‘God of my father’ in this compilation. Tshoane was on SABC on Sunday to share his journey and growth in the music industry.

Katlego started music in 2006 and did an album called ‘Akahluleki’ but crashed out of it after failing to market and sale his brand. For five years he stopped doing music. However, when he started going to ECG church, he met Major 1 who challenged him, after seeing the best in him, to return to music.

Further, Katlego says the love he got from ECG invigorated his spirit and energized his passion in music. Today, he has just released an album, Forever, and this June he has been booked to perform in Dubai with a company called drum clinic that hosts and promotes artists with their music.

Tshoane said he is also a singer but he prefers playing a saxophone more than singing. Besides singing at church, katlego also hosts gigs around Johannesburg (RSA).  “I am just a session musician who plays jazz, gospel, house and RnB, but my main focus is on gospel because that’s where my religion is”, Tshoane said.

During his interview with SABC, Katlego was asked why he decided to go back to the industry after 5 years of falling out and he said: “I got back to the industry when my spiritual father Major1 gave me courage. He appreciated my talent and that is when I saw the importance of going back to the industry “.

Katlego would like to take his music international because he plays an instrument that is loved by everybody. He further mentioned that people often asks him why he’s doing his music in English and not his mother tongue ‘sepedi’ but his response is that, he wants everyone to understand the context and lyrics of his music without questioning what he is trying to say, since he wants to take his music international to people of different cultures.

“My music has tracks that helps everyone to praise the Lord and build up their spiritual lives. It’s testimonial songs like ‘forever’ which I composed when I got appreciation from ECG church”, he said.

Katlego Tshoane will be releasing an EP with 6 tracks for his coming music in May, which is also a digital album. His music can be found at digital stores world wide and at ECG Pretoria.