ECG expands in Nigeria: Apostle Shalom, Pastor Blackmore to lead new branches


ECG continues to expand globally with the latest being the expansion of new branches in Africa’s most populous country of Nigeria.

Pastor Blackmore heading to Port Harcourt

With already 178 branches across the six continents, the opening of new branches in Nigeria represents a giant step of the church which was only founded in 2010 by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in the city of Mzuzu in Malawi.

So far the new branches include: Lagos Branch, River State Branch and Delta State Branch. So far, Apostle Shalom Mvula has been earmarked to lead Lagos Branch and Pastor Blackmore to lead Port Harcourt Branch.

Apostle Shalom heading to Lagos

In an interview with, ECG International Director of Communications Ephraim Nyondo said the Nigeria move is just an escalation of Prophet Bushiri’s vision of winning more souls to Jesus Christ.

“As you might be aware, the ministerial goal for 2019 is to ‘Double the Numbers’. To achieve this, the focus is to have more branches and strengthen them so that they do more outreach programmes involving evangelism and charity,” he said.

He added that more branches in different countries across the world will be opened this year.