ECG bounces back in style, again

Pretoria – The Enlightened Christian Gathering(ECG) church bounced back in style this Sunday, after technical problems forced early cancellation of the Friday service.
Congregants , along with the international visitors from all over the world filled up two tents and the open ground to worship the God of Major1.
Tens of thousands of people enjoying the word as taught by Major One
The service, held today, had been announced as the Sunday of breakthrough.
“It could be spiritual breakthrough, financial breakthrough or Deliverance breakthrough”, he said.
Despite the sun being hot at a temperature of 28°, members remain faithful and attend. They are hungry for the word of God.
The sun could not even deter people from getting the word
Bushiri took the pulpit around 12pm and led the congregation into worship as he ministered with the holy spirit.
“Thank  you holy spirit, we invite you in this place. We invite you to heal the sick. We invite you to bless and restore everyone in this place. We invite you to fill your people. Fill this place holy Ghost. We thank you holy spirit. Fill the miracle grounds holy spirit. Fill your people for they are hungry and thirsty for you. We thirst and hunger for you holy spirit, the Allos Parakletos”, Major1 offered a prayer
“There are days and then there are certain days. Today is a certain day, “ Major1 declared.
As the sermon progressed, Major 1 delved into deeper teaching.
He explained why he teaches in parables. He said like Jesus, he teaches in parables because people relate better when you give them what they see everyday.
“If I come and teach in the spirit and go, you will not remember. But if I talk about a car and how it operates, and how you also operate like a car, whenever you see a car, you will remember.”
The Prophet taught about the wisdom of the spider. He took scriptures from Deuteronomy 1:13.