Church tyre burner confesses, begs Major 1 for forgiveness


Pretoria – Congregants at ECG church on Sunday were shocked when a man—allegedly to be part of the group that burned tyres at the church and demanded Prophet Bushiri to leave South Africa—stepped on the pulpit to share his story and ask for forgiveness from the prophet.

My name is Praise Ceba and I am originally from Lesotho. I have come forward to seek forgiveness for being part of the protesters who protested against Major 1.”

He explained that he is one of the few homeless guys who spent three days burning tyres outside the gate of the church.

Far Right: The day after being released from jail on bail by police

“In the fire of the protest, I was shot in the mouth, by the police, for talking too much. I was arrested and since then my life has been in a mess. Nothing is working,” he said.

He further said he came to a point where he realized that he had wronged a man of God that is why, troubled at heart, he thought of coming to church to seek forgiveness.

The Prophet came forward and told the church that he was not fighting with anyone, and will never fight with anyone, as well as that God has forgiven the young man.

The Prophet assured the young man, after hugging him, that God was going to restore him.

In an amazing show of love, the prophet hugged the boy