Bushiri does it for the third time in a row


Pretoria: Thousands flocked to Pretoria Show grounds on Monday to witness their Prophet and “Daddy”, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri  in action on what was dubbed “Monday Diplomatic Deliverance”

It was the third time since ECG restarted its services that the venue has been filled to capacity hours.

The Charismatic Prophet turned up around 8pm and taught on what he named “Spiritual echo location”.

“In the spirit, there are spiritual echoes. This is why I can stand in front and locate a person sitting at the back. There is a sound I can send in the spirit and when it bounces back it brings back the information about the person, their location, their name and what they do,” He said.

He took just over an hour teaching and started prophesying to his congregants. Thousands who had come to receive Deliverance and Prophecy were elated to see the Prophet doing what he usually does.

He prophesied to many. He delivered many.

The Prophet’s prophetic gymnastics have not changed since him and his wife were arrested on charges of Fraud, money Laundering and Contravention of the Prevention of the Organised Crime Act (POCA) by the hawks  on the first of February, 2019.

He was, together with his wife Mary, released on R100 000 bail each on the 6th of the same month.

The Prophet insists there is a vendetta behind his arrest and all those charges levelled against him are false. His followers believe him and had vowed not to vote if he had not been released

The two prophets will appear again in court sometime in April.


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