Botswana Minister recovers from COVID-19: Thanks God for Prophet Bushiri’s prayers

Kabo Morwaeng -Botswana’s minister for Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration

The deadly coronavirus pandemic continues to claim the lives of millions around the world, but those in the Lord shall be preserved.

Botswana’s minister for Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration Kabo Morwaeng is grateful to the God of Major 1 and to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for his prayer support.for his recovery from the deadly virus.

“As we are discharged from quarantine, I wish to thank God Almighty for saving me and my family. I also thank my spiritual father for his prayers as well as my core workers. Furthermore, I would like to send my sincere condolences and prayers to all affected families.”

It is recalled that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri recently unleashed a powerful message titled “The Goshen Anointing,” where the children of God would be preserved from any storms of life including the covid 19 pandemic.

The honorable minister and his entire family went into self quarantine for two weeks after testing positive for covid-19 and it was an unpleasant experience.

“After being diagnosed with covid-19 together with my wife and children we had a prompt family meeting. My children were very shocked and feared for themselves and their close friends.They were worried that they would be stigmatized against.

“Together with my wife and children, we continued with prayers for divine preservation, healing and protection on daily basis without ceasing. (Psalm 91)”, he further narrated”.

A staunch follower of the ECG church, Mr Morwaeng who understands the teachings of prophet shepherd bushiri recalled that he continued to declare that death from covid 19 was not their portion

“At that point, I continually decred and declared that that death from covid-19 was not my portion”, he stated.

Mr Morwaeng now appreciates life more than before after what he had experienced.

“Indeed nothing is greater than the Lord’s gift of life and the vitality attached to it, something taken lightly by many”.