Apostle Tanna fires up Botswana with Fresh Fire Conference


By Matlhogonolo Letshelaphala

The three-day Fresh Fire conference that took place in Gaborone Botswana ECG Headquarters under the National Pastor Apostle Tannah Israel ended on a great note on Sunday.

The memorable event was flocked by multitudes from all over Botswana and neighboring countries including among them prominent people and some of the country’s dignitaries.


ECG Pastors from other branches also graced the event. Although Apostle Tannah left many at the edge of their chairs with his illuminating sermons, eyes were more gazed on the Pretoria-based sons of Major 1 such The Seer Salvation, Nimix, Ezra, Bulumko and Emeka.

Bulumko performing

Among the performers, Emeka took the stage first warming it up with mesmerizing worship songs getting encore after another from the congregation paving way for The Seer Salvation.

Emeka on the keyboard performing

Although he featured many things in his sermon, what was worth noting in Seer Salvation was when he said  prayer is determined by the word of God inside a person hence there must be information inside of an individual which is the word of God in order for them to pray.

Salvation Seer on the pulpit


To end his preaching The Seer did what he is known best that is proving that God still speaks today. The preacher started going around prophesying and praying for congregants later on forming a tag team with Apostle Tannah giving people revelations of life through prophesy.