Apostle Mtalemwa in a successful week-old soul-winning crusade in Tanzania


ECG Tanzania National Pastor Apostle Mtalemwa has shaken the East African nation with waves of evangelism crusades aimed at soul winning and church building.

In an interview with ecgnewsonline, Apostle Mtalemwa said:

“This week from Monday I and my host Pastor Frank Warren, we started evangelism campaign called ULIALIKWA ALIKA means you were ‘invited so Invite others too’.

“I began with those joined who joined church on last Sunday then invited their friends and relatives on Monday.

“On Tuesday, total number was 172 and they were all new members. We don’t include old members in these services.

“We will be doing this programme for entire of the week aimed at winning souls and adding new members to the church.

“The target is to have 300 new members on Sunday.”