Apostle Baloyi: “ECG Mokopane will be ECG’s biggest branch in the world!”


Apostle Calvin Baloyi is one of ECG’s most powerful and strategic pastors taking the vision of Major 1 to greater heights. In this interview, Apostle Baloyi talks to ECGNEWS on how he took ECG East London to high grounds and, how, he is replicating that growth at ECG Mokopane branch.


ECG News: Welcome Apostle and congratulations on your new role at ECG Mokopane.


Apostle Baloyi: I thank my spiritual father, Major 1, and I thank God for this.


ECG News: How has been the transition so far from East London to Mokopane?


Apostle Baloyi: So far so good, I have been communicating and met the former resident pastor, Pastor Roston, with the leaders as well. It’s been a wonderful transition.

ECG News: What would you consider to be your achievements at East London branch?


Apostle Baloyi: First and foremost, despite the challenges there, I managed to bring unity and love to the church. Secondly, for the first time, I managed to take the branch to the Prayer Mountain program twice in 2019 with more than 100 people per visit. Thirdly, I encouraged my members to attend the International visitors program as a result plus minus 6000 members attended the IVP program.

Fifthly, we managed to host Major 1 for a charity event and, against all odds, we also managed to take the worshiper, Bulumko Grace to the main Branch, ECG Pretoria, where she’s now the leading powerful worshiper because we believed her gift is too big for ECG East London branch. We also managed to host the Eastern Cape stewardship summit.


I also managed to meet the Head of State, President Ramaphosa in East London. I also managed to open about four cell branches around East London. We did charity work, we adopted two orphanage homes.

ECG News: What could be the reasons behind this success?


Apostle Baloyi: I have the same vision as our Father Major 1, which is church growth, church building and leadership. I read his books, watch his sermons and walk in his footsteps. I learn from him. I believe he is a gift not just to ECG but the entire world.


ECG News: What should people in Mokopane expect?


Apostle Baloyi: I operate under the anointing of a Major Prophet. It’s the anointing that shakes nations and that makes history. I can assure you, that God of Major 1 will move in a special dimension in Mokopane and this branch will be the biggest branch not just in South Africa; but in all countries where ECG operates.


ECG News: Thank you Sir. We wish you well.

Apostle Baloyi: You are welcome and I am inviting you to ECG Mokopane.