Analysis: Explaining what Prophet Bushiri taught about ‘Desire’ and prayer



As usual the most expected Sunday Service of the Open Ground Service of 17th March 2019 at Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church was crammed with the beautiful sky rejoiced by all people from all walks of life.

God the Almighty continues to manifest Himself in the life of the world well known Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as every service day or night is behold. Many lives continues to be touched through the healing, deliverance, family restoration and salvation in this year of the Open Doors through the prophet of our time.

The stage was well decorated, in the eyes of the congregants dressed in melon dresses and shirts with gray trousers, the Tribe of Judah Worship team glowed like a golden sun on the horizon, sung the worship songs as the Major Prophet entered. The Oracle of God as he again glorified God in his message which brought many to a tongue tied and think what the Oracle will bring, “THE DESIRE” which the Prophet of God Shepherd Bushiri reiterated the needs of how to pray. This is the great secrete which God gave him and tell His people on how to pray.

Major 1 invoked the Spirit of prayer, opening his vaults of wisdom to share the wealth of spiritual secretes, unlocking the mysterious revelations which God told him. Reading from the Book of Matthews 18:19 “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven…”

The Bible speaks of the prayer of “agreement touching anything in relation to what you desire” in Hebrew this is AHITEO meaning to have a burning craving desire or sensation.  It shall be done for you. Before prayer—our prayers are powerless as long as there is no DESIRE. There must be a burning DESIRE. There is a difference between a wish, a want and a desire.

Before we engage in prayer a DESIRE must be fully developed. There is a secret here: ‘DESIRE.’ The Bible states that if only there is a desire and a thirst, a Burning Sensation.

You may be praying and seeing no results, perhaps the person that you are praying with has not yet developed a DESIRE that is in tandem with yours. They might not desire that which you are praying for. Sometimes we pray under pressure – pressure is not a desire. When Christians pray under pressure or pain, it does not move God. God does don’t answer prayer under pressure.

There is a different between Desires, Want and Wish!

“Whatsoever things you desire WHEN you pray…” in Mark 11: 24. There must be an actual need that you bring before God. God already gave what you are looking for, but Adam our forefather lost it.

We are not looking for healing or health – we are seeking restoration. When we have    knowledge, we can stand up for what is ours – when you know that healing is yours, you can demand it because you know that it is yours.

What you should know that God is moved with the prayer of DESIRE. And it is more important to pray with the prophet that causes changes in your life. Whatever you may be searching for, whether it is breakthrough, deliverance, healing, salvation and growth in your ministry, or marriage and whatever it may be the Lord will grant it to you if your desire and pray with the Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.