7 Things You Didn’t Know About Prophet Bushiri’s Spiritual Calling

  1. Prophet Bushiri was called by God when he was young and was given a spiritual mandate to ‘preach salvation and win billions of souls to Jesus’. That is why his ministry centers of preaching the word and winning souls to Jesus Christ.


2. In 2018, Prophet Bushiri had a Global Prophetic Tour which saw him hold massive crusades that filled stadiums and cathedrals in 15 countries across the world. Over 3 million people gave their lives to Jesus.


3. Prophet Bushiri has the entire Bible in his head and, in each every service, he comes with a new spiritual term that helps congregants understand the word of God deeper and better.


4. Prophet Bushiri doesn’t go to sleep without calling, at least, 10 new people and telling them about Jesus Christ. If they are not born-again, Prophet Bushiri hardly hangs up the phone until he helps them understand the importance of receiving Jesus as their personal savior.


5. Prophet Bushiri may teach about prosperity because he believes that children of God are not meant to live and die in poverty. However, Prophet Bushiri is not a prosperity gospel preacher. He was called to preach salvation and win billions of souls to Jesus Christ and that is what he does every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month and every year.


6. Prophet Bushiri’s annual Crossover Nights at FNB Stadium, Africa’s largest soccer cathedral, are about two things: One, helping people to renew their relationship with Jesus and, two, helping those who haven’t received Jesus as their personal savior to accept him.


7. Prophet Bushiri has never, since he began his ministry, healed or delivered a person. It is Jesus who heals and delivers; Prophet Bushiri is just a servant God uses.