Malawi high court rules on Prophet Bushiri extradition case

The High Court in Malawi is this morning ruling on whether alleged witnesses from South Africa must travel to Malawi to testify before a preliminary hearing.

The hearing, delivered via ZOOM by the High Court got underway early in the morning of Tuesday February 8.

Malawi’s director of Public Prosecution Steve Kayuni was challenging Malawi’s Chief Resident Magistrate’s ruling that witnesses should travel to Malawi.

Kayuni had previously contested that witnesses should not testify at all, a challenge that he lost.

After losing, Kayuni sort to have witnesses testify online as opposed to in person.

The High Court is ruling and ECG News will deliver the ruling live…


10:34 – The Judge has seemingly disagreed with the Director of Public Prosecution, stating that under Malawian law, witnesses should testify

10:34 – The Judge has also said Kayuni contradicted himself

10:42 – The High Court has said the matter will be sent back to the Chief Resident Magistrate and it will only give direction on issues of law

10:50 – The court agrees with Wapona Kita’s submissions so far on interpretation of law.

10:53 – The court says it agrees with the Magistrate who earlier ruled in favour of Prophet Bushiri’s lawyer Wapona Kita



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