Face To Face IVP Prophecy Confirmation, Major 1 Performing Miracles

International visitors who jetted to Lilongwe, Malawi last weekend to meet the highly venerated man of God, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, during the ‘Face to Face’ International Visitors Program’ will fly back to their countries with warmed hearts after receiving powerful prophecies from Major 1.

Scores of international visitors appeared before Major 1 during the ‘Face to Face’ session on Sunday with ‘financial breakthrough’ and ‘family deliverance’ as their chief prayer request points, while others were yearning for the Prophet to soothe their troubled lives and to heal them from their sicknesses and so forth.

Gruntled by how Major 1 was administering what he was being given in the spiritual realm, every visitor who got the chance to have an in-person conversation with Major 1 will go back to their countries with wonderful stories to tell.

Here is what some of the International visitors had to say during the ‘Face to Face IVP’ prophecy confirmation after receiving prophecies from Major 1:

1st Confirmation: My name is (name withhold), I came from Pretoria, South Africa. I wanted Major 1 to attend to the curse of rejection in my life and my grandmother who is not feeling well.

Talking to Major 1 face to face was so heartwarming and I was very happy.

Prophet said he saw seeing a person who has joint problems in my family and indeed I confirmed it’s my grandmother, she is suffering from Arthritis.

He also said there is a name ‘Tumelo’ which was appearing in his vision. That name is the name of the man who rejected me. So, I was so surprised to hear Major 1 mentioning everything that I had come to see him for before I even started telling him about it

My advice to those who are watching me now on Prophetic Channel is, please don’t stay home and drown in your problems, God is still talking through Major 1, come and receive your blessing like what I did today. I believe my life will never be the same again because God has spoken to me.

2nd Confirmation: My name is Surprise Koza, I am a Pastor, the founder of Life Ministry. I came from South Africa. I came here with my prayer points and Major 1 prayed for me.

What then shocked me is that I have a son aged 6 whom I left in South Africa. So, this boy of mine wrote a letter and said ‘go and give Major 1 this letter when you get the chance to see him’. So, I had actually forgotten to give Major one his letter, but Major one reminded me that I had brought a letter for him.

This experience rendered me speechless, truly Major 1 is a man of God.

So, to those who are watching me live on Prophetic Channel, please come and meet with Major 1. Even though you are a leader of the church that you are running, I encourage you to come and see the powers of the higher anointing.

As for me, I have my church but I knew that I need Major 1 to anoint me so that I can be strengthened spiritually. You do also need a higher ranking to bless you.

The next IVP will be on the 29th of October. For online, register through IVP ONLINE.ORG.


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