Faith Changes The World!

Enormous challenges are labelled ‘impossible’ because either people have tried and failed or no one has been brave enough to try them.

However, an audacious few stand up and make a change. They take valiant actions that are very brave and determined, howbeit they may lead to failure, into upsetting the status quo.

They stand up, so confidently, and take action because they reckon the fact that ‘impossible’ is never really set in stone.

So, exactly what characteristics do those who strive to do the ‘impossible’ possess?

Here is the answer from Major 1:

The late but great man of God, Archbishop Benson idahosa once said that he had achieved the things that he achieved because he was a possibilitarian. He was allergic to “possibilities,” but found so much pleasure in eating up “impossibilities!”

History is full of people who did the impossible.

At a certain point in time, scientists said, man couldn’t fly but the Wright brothers broke that barrier and made it possible.

The same scientists also said you couldn’t put a man on the moon – and though it took a whole nation, the USA broke that barrier!

They said racial segregation was normal and that blacks and whites could not live together. But Martin Luther King broke that barrier as he spearheaded the Civil Rights movement.

They said it is impossible for sickness to be healed without treatment but with just his shadow, Apostle Paul broke that barrier!

Most people that we celebrate as great today, broke barriers that were said to be impossible.

Mark 9:23 says- “To him who believes, All things are possible.”

Mark 11:23-24 also says- “Say to the mountain move and it shall move…”

Faith changes the world!


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