Testimony On Financial Breakthrough In Spite Of The Lockdown

Read Amene’s testimony and see how the God of Major 1 makes His people victorious when they put Him in the center of their situations.

Reading other people’s stories gives you hope that you too can be healed and be brave enough to fight your battles and win.

My name is Amene (surname and country of origin not mentioned) I got a prophecy from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and a miracle happened.

I attended the IVP on the 10th of Jan this year and we had powerful prayers at the prayer garden.

I wanted to tell Major 1 how difficult my life was during that time, but he silenced me and said everything was already given to him in the spirit.

He touched my contract papers and said ‘I’m a man of God, I will pray for your contract papers, trust me, you will come back here with a testimony and that day you will believe that I am a true Prophet’.

Today I’m here with a wonderful testimony as he prophesied.

So, the story that I wanted to tell Major 1 in January goes like this, I tried to get registered as a supplier with a certain International company in Zambia for five years but all my efforts were in vain.

After Major 1 prayed for me in January, one of the officials from the same company that I was trying to get registered with, called me and said ‘You have been working here for some time as a subcontractor, so can you please bring your documents so that we can get you registered’.

In May I submitted the documents, and they were sent to South Africa for registration and the supplier vendor code was sent to me after everything was done.

In July, I received my first contact which was amounting to R217 000. That was a miracle on its own because it’s rare to be given such heft amount as a beginner, they usually range from R100 000 to R150 000.

So from that time, I was now being given weekly tenders and they were paying me so handsomely.

Within two months, I had already secured tenders worth R 3,2 million.

So, I want to thank God of Major 1. My business was not performing well and everything was upside down.

Things were not ok, to such an extent that I had no bed.

Now my house is fully furnished and my life is now going well. Yes, there are ups and downs in life, but there was a big change in my life when Major 1 prayed for me.

When Major 1 says something, it sounds like he is just talking, but honestly, I will never take his words for granted again because what I have been seeing happening in my life after Major 1 prayed for me is so amazing. 

Major 1 made me believe that God is alive, and he answers our prayers.

Good life caught me as a surprise and good things started to happen in my life, this God of Majo1 is great.


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