Worried And Anxious? Hang On Major1’s Words

It’s normal that sometimes you feel troubled about actual or potential problems in your life, but some situations become more difficult when there is no obvious solution.

Constant worrying about those prolonged problems can result in negative thinking, and always expecting the worst to happen in your life.

These are problems that cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, but God of Major1 is saying ‘Don’t worry!’

Take heed to what Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is saying:

Some of you have never seen the fulfilment of your ‘prayer points’, and it’s worrying you so much, but trust me the Alright God is saying ‘don’t worry my child, I’m with you’.

Worry brings uncertainty, anxiety and fear.

Worry gives birth to a lot of health problems, including heart problems.

Sometimes people would just mope over unnecessary things that make them feel sick and worthless.

We have so many hypocritical people in our churches because of the thing called ‘worry’. They are carrying heavy burdens inside them, and they don’t want to share what’s troubling them lest they will be seen as weak by others.

They tell themselves they are fine but they are haunted inside.

Even if you ask them if there is anything they are ‘worried about’ they say ‘I’m Ok, I don’t have anything troubling me’ because they think it makes them feel strong.

The problem begins when they go home where the reality comes back into control over their emotions and souls..their life is just miserable because of the thing called ‘worry’.

Some of you don’t really understand what it means to be ‘worried’, to you being ‘worried’ is part of planning about your future.

The Lord is saying ‘Don’t worry’.

I understand your situation, I actually cried before the Lord for you because I really know what you are going through and what you are praying for.

The Lord told me to tell you that ‘Don’t worry’.

Why should I not be worried Prophet?

Don’t worry because your God is the one on the throne and he promised he will not allow you to be destroyed by the situations surrounding you.

The Lord is saying: ‘Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus‘. (Philippians 4: 4-6)

Don’t feel worthless because you are worried about something, God loves you and he shall set you free.


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