Powerful Testimony – Read A Story Of Awakened Spirit!

During the Prophetic Sunday Service yesternight with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major1) sermonizing on how the evil spirits that emanate from the dark world hinder progress in people’s lives, a word ‘Jerusalem’ bobbed up in Major1’s spiritual realm.

Major1 then asked members of the church if there was anyone called ‘Jerusalem’ and a man from Namibia (name not mentioned) came into view, knelt before Major1 and said “I have a church called ‘New Jerusalem Ministry of God’ in Namibia father”.

Before Major1 commenced his prophecies about the word ‘Jerusalema’ which was appearing in the spiritual dimension during his preaching, the excited man asked to give a testimony which left everyone, even the Prophet Bushiri himself, stunned.

Here is  the testimony:

I started following you father in 2012. Then, in 2014 I went to Zambia where I was invited to preach the word of God. So, when I was ministering…something just came up in the spiritual realm and I heard the voice of the Lord telling me to pray for the rain to come down.

So, I told people that ‘God told me to pray for the rain and the heavens are going to release their reserves in less than 30 minutes.’

Then, I started to pray, so hard that everyone in the church joined me.

I started to mention your name saying ‘God of Major 1, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, I command rain to fall, in Jesus name!’.

Forthwith, dark clouds hovered across the sky and the rain came. Father, everyone was shocked and we all gave glory to the Lord.

When I went to back to Namibia, I started to see visions for three weeks, day and night…not in my dreams, but real visions.

Usually, I would see a lot of people worshiping and in those visions you father would appear, together with Prophet Uebert Angel, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Prophet TB Joshua. So when you and other prophets appear in those visions, God would always tell me that ‘among them all, Major1 is your Father’.

Sometimes you would appear preaching to a lot of people in Namibia, and then God would also tell me that “your ministry, ‘New Jerusalem Ministry of God,’ is going to be as big as what you are seeing.”

So, God kept on telling me that you are my father.

In June this year when I came for the International Visitors Program, that is when I managed to see you in person for the first and your prophecies to me were so impressive.

You told me that Gold will raise my ministry, and it’s growing father.

You also told me that God will bless me with a wife called Tusha, and today I have Tusha here as my wife. God is great.

Just after the testimony, Major1 told him that ‘God has re-confirmed his continuity in blessing you’ and in two weeks, ‘He is going to do great things in you and in your ministry ‘New Jerusalem Ministry of God’.


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