Prophet Bhushiri: ‘THE JESUS NATION’ Book Launched In ECG Coventry UK

The book ‘THE JESUS NATION’ has been successfully launched in ECG Coventry UK, Prophet Bhushiri has announced.

Prophet Bushiri made the announcement today on Facebook, saying that he was happy to receive the news about the book launch.

“I was extremely glad when I received news that the JESUS NATION book was successfully launched in ECG Coventry UK. The gospel we preach cannot be conformed to the four corners of one city; we are taking this gospel to the far ends of the world.

“Well done to you ECG Coventry!

“Remember the book is available on AMAZON as well as all our ECG branches worldwide,” he said.

Meanwhile, on Saturday Prophet Bhushiri said he will be officially launching the book ‘THE JESUS NATION’ to the Swahili community, particularly in Tanzania, on Thursday the 9th of September 2021 at 9:30 PM.

On Monday, Prophet Bhushiri also announced that, the long-awaited song, “THE JESUS NATION” by Bithia was now out.


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