Prophet Bhushiri’s Online Sessions Thrive Amid Covid-19

These days, with much appreciation for modern technology, people can now watch sermonic events online happening on the other side of the world and receive miracles from the comfort zone of their home.

When the Covid-19 pandemic trembled the strongholds of all religious sects across the world, ECG Founder Major 1, Prophet Shepherd Bhushiri, was not shaken, he just changed the course by taking his sermons to social media platforms where he is performing miracles as usual.

As a determined divine agent, the distance between the ECG congregates and himself is not stop him from healing the world, soothing troubled souls and performing exorcism because his prophetic powers are ascribed to the supernatural causes and they have no borders.

During online session with the ECG congregates on his Facebook page on Sunday, Prophet Bushiri randomly picked up a family from Botswana and prophesied them.

As I walk in the spiritual realm, I am seeing a word written ‘tender, tender…tender’,” Prophet Bushiri said, seeing Faith Malomo’s future from a spiritual dimension.

“Yes, I got a tender in February this year after you prayed for me in Pretoria, South Africa,” said Faith Malomo, responding to the Prophet’s vision.

Prophet Bhushiri then told Faith Malomo that:“God is preparing another big construction tender for you, just wait and see. Its a  $1, 2m tender.”

Thereafter, Propeht Bhushiri also extended his prophecy to Faith’s mother, Senzeni Malomo, and told her not to be worried about the excruciating leg pains because God was already healing her.

Only Malomo family from Botswana was touched by the prophetic words during the evening session on Sunday and many others were told to be prayerful, and faithful because God is always waiting to take heed to their prayers; therefore, they should keep soldiering on, howbeit God’s answers take time to knock at their doors.



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