Prophetess Mary Bushiri Celebrates Her Birthday By Helping The Needy In Malawi

From mentoring and teaching, to serving, leading and guiding, Prophetess Mary Bushiri, wife to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, gives a lot of time, energy, and heart to the ECG congregates, and everyone else and she is always highly honored for that.

Her numerous responsibilities and support to the congregates and her community reveal how much she loves people.

Serving as an intermediary with humanity, Prophetess Marry Bushiri showed a kind gesture towards Dowa people on Thursday where she was continuing to celebrate her birthday, which was on Monday 23rd August, by rehabilitating underprivileged families from the impacts induced by the of Covid-19.

She donated food and clothing items to more than 100 underprivileged families in Dowa, and they were all filled with gratitude.

According to the Prophetess, the gesture was purely steered by her zeal to help the needy.

The Prophetess said: “Each and every year, I celebrate my birthday mostly with family and friends. This year, moved by the great love that God has always been showing to me, I thought of celebrating my birthday by showing love to less fortunate families in Dowa District.”

Those who benefited from the donations by the Prophetess included the elderly, the disabled, those who are suffering from chronic illnesses, and the child-headed families.

Prophetess Bushiri’s team visited those who were eligible to benefit from the program but could not physically able to go where she was donating food and clothing items.

Dowa District Social Welfare officer Doris Gondwe was grateful to Prophetess Bushiri for helping the less fortunate people of Dowa.

“You did not come here to tell us the love of God. You have shown us the love of God. God bless and continue to protect you,” she said.


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