What a gesture!

Major 1 daughter Smangele Khumalo on Saturday delivered 200 chairs to help ease sitting challenges.

Khumalo seen here with ECG Directors

In an interview with ECGnewsonline, Khumalo said: “I work for African Bank and I requested them to sponsor me to buy chairs for the church. Happily they did.”

Khumalo said she thanks God so much for introducing Prophet Bushiri to her, as such, the only way she can pay God back is to ensure she takes part in easing some of the challenges the church faces due to increased number of people.

“I’ve always wanted to be a kingdom financer, however, I was not able to do so because of finances.

“I decided to send a request to my CSI department with few pictures from church showing the impact the church has in the community and more to the youth.

“The church has given so many people hope. CSI support community and ECG is part of the community.”

Khumalo is from the tribe of Levites and submits under Pastor Lovemore in Midrand Homecell.


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